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Now Available from Blue Sky Publishing:

The Bank Rec Project
The Bank Rec Project is a concise practical review of the bank reconciliation process. It provides an expanded review to prepare students to face the inevitable monthly task with confidence. Definitions of terms used are given, along with practical tips from real life experience -- common-sense suggestions that are rarely covered in theoretical textbooks. A step-by-step example (using general ledger account, previous bank reconcilliation, and current bank statement) gives students the opportunity to review the reconcilliation process while working through this example. A convenient reconcilliation form is given, and the solution to this problem is provided. Five problems of increasing difficulty, and four projects -- from simple to complex -- allow ample practice time. Projects include actual bank statements and cancelled cheques.
ISBN 978-1-896421-31-5

In the Future:

The "I'm No Good at Math" Workbook
The perfect solution for the "But I'm no good at math" lament of the beginning accounting student. A quick math review for all business students at the beginning of their course work. The Practical Accounting Series

Practical Accounting for the Small Business
Practical accounting theory applicable to and understandable by small business owners. Excellent resource material for continuing education or community outreach courses. Use with any of the accounting simulations to reinforce theory. Working Papers to Accompany Practical Accounting for Small Business will accompany text.

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