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Blue Sky Publishing is dedicated to producing classroom materials which help students master the practical challenges of accounting - be they manual or computerized - and fully prepare them for an accounting career. We believe our simulations are the best on the North American market.

Blue Sky Publishing simulations:

Are flexible. They are appropriate in any course covering the complete accounting cycle. Choose from several variations: service business or merchandise entity, proprietorship or corporation, with or without inventory and payroll. Computer accounting Editions are keyed to efficient use of classroom time and space. Source document simulations are adaptable for computer applications courses.

Emulate real life businesses. Documents and bank statements are invaluable for students who have had little exposure to business.

Reflect fanatical attention to detail. Realistic business circumstances like loans, shareholders' or proprietors' contributions, adjustments and a few errors are included. Students gain from thinking and applying the accounting they've learned in the classroom.

Include instructor resources. A proposed solution and a choice of journals for manual processing are available. Use of journals saves time for students, and eases marking task for instructors.

Are continually updated. Interest rates, payroll and payroll deductions are kept current and reflect current business situations.

Are conveniently packaged and cost-effective for today's economic climate

Are proven. Materials have been classroom tested since 1991.

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